How leasing works.

The lease option from American Meter & Appliance makes it very easy for property owners to offer a reliable laundry service.  When you lease commercial laundry you get the benefit of knowing that you never have to worry about fixing a broken machine, getting calls from tenants about lost money or any other situations that come with owning your own laundry machines.

American Meter & Appliance provides equipment, installation, maintenance and collection of commercial laundry at ZERO cost to the owner.  Accounts are collected on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis and the property owner receives revenues in the form of a detailed rebate check mailed the 10th of each month or quarterly. 

We send your rebate check to you every month (or quarterly), not just when we feel like it.

If you have any additional questions on how leasing works please contact one of our commercial laundry leasing representatives.


The leasing process can be broken down into steps.


Step one: Site Details

  • How many machines are necessary

  • How large are the facilities

  • Are there water, electrical/gas and venting fixtures

Step two: What Kind of Machines

  • Front or top-load washers

  • Gas or electric dryers

  • Stack models or side by side

  • Standard push buttons or programmable models

Step three: Vending

Step four: Contract

  • Length

  • Terms

Step five: Completion

  • Install machines