AM&A Customer Testimonials

"Wow - That tech was amazing. He was a wealth of knowledge. He helped me with a bunch of stuff. Super nice guy"

Ron at Whaler's Village Condos Nov 2009


"The technician was the nicest guy. He explained everything...He was a sweetheart and should get kudos from his customer service.

Jane at Bayview Apts. Feb 2010


The dispatcher "is super - very friendly and helpful.

Carla at Port Townsend Hospitality Feb 2010


The technician "was so quick fixing the washer. Thank you!!"

Jody at Pacific Park Apts. Nov 2009


"The staff at American Meter & Appliance respond quickly to our service requests. The rebate checks arrive on time. They keep their promises.
Morris G.


Here's what is said at - it's what we like to hear.


"My tenants love not having to save quarters and are very happy with the new laundry rooms.  Switching from owning our own machines to American Meter & Appliance means no more trips to the bank with heavy bags of quarters or service calls that take several days for a response.  This is the ways all laundry rooms should operate."

Shannon at Laurelhurst Apartments

 Let us manage your laundry rooms


"At Oregon Place Apartments, the 'hassle free' part of managing is the laundry rooms.  Machines that keep the tenants happy make the manager really HAPPY!  Difficult to break, easy to call and the service is there to do the repair!!!"

Ann at Oregon Place Apartments



"American Meter and Appliance has successfully handled our laundry rooms for a number of years.  Recently we switched our coin op laundry rooms to the new coin-less EZ ACCESS card machine system and it's a hit.  I include it as a selling point for prospective tenants because there is no more searching for quarters.  Working with the folks at AM&A was a pleasure - the switch was done quickly - we were given all new energy efficient machines and everyone is happy.  AM&A takes good care of our laundry room, the machines are serviced and repaired in a timely manner and the new card system is the icing on the cake."

Gloria at Western Property Management


 "We are very pleased and happy with the EZ ACCESS™ Card System and with the service provided by American Meter & Appliance."

Peg at Cedar Park Apartments

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