Smart vending solutions for every situation.

American Meter & Appliance is a distributor for Greenwald Industries, the leading supplier of coin acceptors, metering, Smart Card payment systems, and security products for the self-service laundry market throughout the world.  Below are smart vending solutions for every situation.

EZ Access™ System exclusively from AM&A

The exclusive EZ Access™ system on American Meter & Appliance, Inc. washers and dryers completely eliminates the need for coins. The EZ Access™ card stores a pre-paid value which is automatically deducted each time the card is used in the washer or dryer. When the value of the card runs low, your residents simply use the Card Update Center to add more value. No Coins, No Hassle, More Profit. The EZ Access™ system is available only from American Meter & Appliance. This means you get the latest in machine technology and the experience and service of American Meter & Appliance.

Coin Slides by Greenwald Industries

Standard features of Greenwald Industries coin slides include the following:

  • Thick, hardened front plate to protect slides from direct attack.
  • Sliding stainless steel gates protect from tampering and rusting.
  • Stainless steel sizing dogs provide superior protection from direct slide forcing. Hardened steel V notch coin sizing block means greater rejection of slugs.
  • Optional: Accept tokens, tokenetts, quarters and US dollar coins, depending on coin slide model.

Coin Drops by Greenwald Industries

Coin box standard features include steel tray constructed of one-piece galvanized steel for added strength and rust resistance, thick flanged back plate for extra protection against direct attack, four-way gripping lock plates, twelve-gauge interlocking hardened locking plates for maximum locking grip on all four sides of the box.

Keys & Locks by Greenwald Industries

Greenwald offers a variety of combinations of locks and keys to meet you specific security requirements including: